Ari Pescovitz, a Brooklyn metalsmith and artist, was born in 1985. The middle child of two art collecting physician-scientists, Ari inherited a love for both science as well as art. His work, ranging from jewelry and drawing to buildings, inhabits the juncture between these two poles. As an undergraduate, he earned three degrees from Indiana University including, a B. A. in Anthropology, a B. S. in Biology, and a B. F. A. in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design. His B.F.A thesis, focusing on the structural beauty of bridge design through the construction of Judaica objects, has been widely viewed. In particular, works from this collection were part of the NICHE Finalists in 2009 and three pieces have appeared in the book 500 Judaica by Lark Books.

Ari went on to study architecture at the University of Cincinnati’s highly ranked College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, earning a Masters of Architecture degree. While in school, Ari developed his passion for computer-aided machining through an extensive exploration in 3 D printing, CNC milling, and laser cutting. His digital fabrication work has appeared in the trade journal Perkins + Will as well as published as a case study in the book Parametric Building Design: Using Autodesk Maya, by Ming Tang. In addition, his masters thesis exploring the role of ornament and expressive detailing to define and elevate sacred architecture, earned him the Excellence in Detailing Award from the university.

Since graduating in 2012, Ari has begun to explore pen and ink drawing as a new and exciting medium. His abstract drawings explore the idea of pareidolia, the psychological phenomenon that causes humans to see recognizable forms in random cloud shapes. Recently they have appeared in a book of poems and drawings, For a Better World as well as part of the permanent display collection of the Glick Eye Institute in Indianapolis. In addition to producing art, Ari is currently employed as the chief designer and project manager at Ferra Designs, an architectural metal fabricator in Brooklyn.